OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Hungary 2008

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Hungary 2008

OECD's comprehensive review of Hungary's environmental programs and policies, covering air and water management, nature and biodiversity, sustainable development, the environment-economy interface, the environment-social interface, and international commitments. The review includes relevant statistical information as well as a series of recommendations for strengthening environmental infrastructure, implementing environmental policy and integrating environmental concerns into economic decisions.

English Also available in: Hungarian, French

Key National Development Policy Objectives - The National Sustainable Development Strategy

Although Hungary’s current agenda is dominated by EU convergence and fiscal consolidation, key development policy documents released in the mid-2000s address challenges according to different time horizons. These planning documents have medium- or long-term perspectives which correspond, respectively, to 3-5 year, 10-15 year, and 25-50 year horizons (Box 5.1). The Lisbon Action Programme and the New Hungary Development Plan (NHDP) focus on the medium term, until 2013.1 The National Development Policy Concept (NDPC) and the National Spatial Development Concept (NSDC) provide, respectively, development objectives and a vision of Hungary’s regional development and spatial planning in the long term, until 2020. Hungary’s National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) is the development document with the longest time horizon, until 2050; it provides a development reform framework for “a shift to a growth path that will insure the sustainable development of the Hungarian society”.

English Also available in: French

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