OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Greece 2009

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Greece 2009
OECD's comprehensive review of Greece's environmental programs and policies, covering air and water management, nature and biodiversity, sustainable development, the environment-economy interface, the environment-social interface, and international commitments. The review includes relevant statistical information as well as a series of recommendations for strengthening environmental infrastructure, implementing environmental policy and integrating environmental concerns into economic decisions.

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Conclusions and Recommendations

Between 2000 and 2008, Greece’s economy grew rapidly, on average by more than 4% per year. Per capita GDP has risen and is now close to the OECD-Europe average. The adoption of the Euro in 2001 and the public works associated to the Athens 2004 Olympics are among the major drivers of this economic growth. Greece has also been a major beneficiary of EU funds, which have contributed to modernise and develop infrastructure networks (e.g. transport, energy, water), to upgrade competitiveness and human resources and to address regional disparities. Greece has an open economy, with a relatively small industrial base and as industrial production. The tourism and construction sectors play an important and increasing role, contributing to 18% and 8.5% of GDP respectively. Greece has a longstanding tradition of maritime transport.

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