OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Czech Republic 2005

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Czech Republic 2005

This book presents the results of a peer review of the Czech Republic's environmental policies and programmes. It systematically covers air, water, and waste management; nature and biodiversity management; the environmental/economic interface; the enviornmental/social interface; and international co-operation. It includes extensive statistical information as well as specific recommendations in each of the topics covered.

English Czech, French


Nature and Biodiversity Management

During the review period, good progress was made with legislation and institutions. The EU accession process was the driving force behind a revision of the legislative framework for biodiversity protection and nature conservation. Improvements in administrative capacity, including inspection and enforcement, were also made. A network of protected areas was established, within the national ecological network of protected areas (including landscape sites and monuments, elements of the Territorial System of Ecological Stability). The list of Natura 2000 sites under the Habitat and Bird directive (SCI and SPA) was adopted by the government. The return of some fish species was observed. The natural renewal of the forests increased. Land-use planning and land-use mapping helped bridge the gap between the management of landscape and protected areas and the use of natural resources. Environmentally sound agriculture developed. Ecological restoration of landscape was supported at all administrative levels.

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