OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Czech Republic 2005

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Czech Republic 2005

This book presents the results of a peer review of the Czech Republic's environmental policies and programmes. It systematically covers air, water, and waste management; nature and biodiversity management; the environmental/economic interface; the enviornmental/social interface; and international co-operation. It includes extensive statistical information as well as specific recommendations in each of the topics covered.

English Czech, French


Environmental-Social Interface

Environmental information is generally of high quality and easily accessible. Annual national reports on the state of the environment have been available since 1993, supported by annual reports for the 14 regions. Acts on the access to environmental information have been in place since 1998, and the Aarhus Convention was ratified in 2004. The Government Council for Sustainable Development, created with the participation of civil society representatives, has established several working groups, including for the promotion of Local Agenda 21. Good inter-ministerial cooperation led to adoption of the National Programme on Health and Environment. An ongoing survey evaluates contamination levels in several products, materials and environmental media, and monitors public health...

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