OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Czech Republic 2005

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Czech Republic 2005

This book presents the results of a peer review of the Czech Republic's environmental policies and programmes. It systematically covers air, water, and waste management; nature and biodiversity management; the environmental/economic interface; the enviornmental/social interface; and international co-operation. It includes extensive statistical information as well as specific recommendations in each of the topics covered.

English Czech, French


Environmental-Economic Interface

Over the review period, some progress was made in decoupling environmental pressures from economic growth with respect to SOx and VOC emissions, water withdrawals, and waste generation from the energy, manufacturing and agriculture sectors, although often at a slower rate than in the early and mid-1990s. Integration of environmental concerns into sectoral policies (e.g. transport, industry, mining) also progressed, with the least success in the energy sector. The restructuring process initiated in the 1990s to rationalise coal production and reduce subsidies is still underway and cross-subsidies to households from industrial consumers in the energy sectors are ended. A National Strategy for Sustainable Development was approved at the end of 2004 and monitoring of its implementation has been proposed. An ecological tax reform is currently under consideration...

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