OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Belgium 2007

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Belgium 2007

This comprehensive review of Belgium's environmental policies and programmes examines the full range of issues including air and water management, nature and biodiversity management, climate change, sustainable development, environmental taxation, environmental policy, and international co-operation. It includes a statistical annex containing key environmental data.

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Nature and Biodiversity Management

During the review period, Belgium stepped up very significantly its efforts to protect nature and biodiversity. A comprehensive assessment of biodiversity and inventory of species was completed. Protected areas were expanded and now cover 11.6% of the country. Wallonia designated new nature parks and other protected areas, the Brussels-Capital Region set up a “green and blue network”, and Flanders established a legal framework for development of the Flemish Ecological Network, of which about 70% has been designated. Nearly 13% of the national territory was designated as part of Natura 2000, providing new opportunities to combat fragmentation of habitats, expand protected areas and further involve stakeholders (farmers, forest owners) in nature conservation.


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