OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Belgium 2007

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Belgium 2007

This comprehensive review of Belgium's environmental policies and programmes examines the full range of issues including air and water management, nature and biodiversity management, climate change, sustainable development, environmental taxation, environmental policy, and international co-operation. It includes a statistical annex containing key environmental data.

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International Co-operation

In recent years, Belgium has improved its record in ratifying international agreements and in transposing EU Directives, and has reduced delays in ratification processes as a result of enhanced co-ordination between federal and regional authorities on international issues. Concerning marine issues, Belgium initiated “seause planning” and the creation of marine parks in its newly designated exclusive economic zone, following ratification of the Law of the Sea in 1999. Aerial surveillance of illegal discharges at sea was extended (Bonn Protocol); the control of ships calling at Belgian ports was improved to comply with the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on port state control; and efforts were made to strengthen oil spill preparedness, response and control.


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