OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Australia 2007

image of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Australia 2007

OECD's periodic review of Australia's environmental policies and programmes. This edition reviews progress since the last review in 1998 and in relation to the 2001 OECD Environmental Strategy.  It systematically examines environmental management (water, air, nature), sustainable development (environment-economy interface, environment-agriculture interface, environment-social interface) and international commitments. In each area, it makes a series of recommendations.

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Conclusions and Recommendations

This report examines Australia’s progress since the previous OECD Environmental Performance Review in 1998 and the extent to which the country has met its national objectives and international commitments regarding the management of the environment and natural resources. The report also reviews Australia’s progress in the context of the OECD Environmental Strategy,** and compared to the recommendations of the 1998 OECD review. Progress has stemmed from environmental and economic decisions and actions by federal, state/territory and local authorities, as well as by enterprises, households and non-governmental organisations. 45 recommendations are made that could contribute to further environmental progress in Australia.

English Also available in: French

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