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Shipbuilding has a long tradition in all the Nordic countries. Hence, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the BAT Group under the Working Group for Sustainable Consumption and Production (also called HKP Group) awarded Vahanen Environment Oy, Finland, together with COWI AS, Denmark to prepare a Best Available Techniques (BAT) project on shipyards in the Nordic countries. The objectives of the project have been to:

  • review and describe the shipyard sector in the Nordic countries
  • review and describe the used techniques in the Nordic countries
  • identify and describe the Key Environmental Indicators from the Nordic perspective
  • identify and describe techniques that shall be included in the considerations of representing BAT in shipyards.

The scope of the project has included steel ships. The main focus has been on surface treatment in relation to maintenance and repair.



Shipyard activities in the Nordic countries and the used techniques

Shipbuilding has a long tradition and it has previously been a large industry in all the Nordic countries. During recent decades the industry sector has changed a lot. Already for decades, European shipyards have been facing strong global competition and today shipbuilding takes place only at a limited number of shipyards. On the other hand, maintenance and repair take place at a large number of medium and small-sized shipyards and they have consequently a much more important role environmentally in the Nordic countries, which has also been the main focus of this study. Nordic repair shipyards are facing competition from shipyards in the Baltic countries and Poland. Price competition with the shipyards is hard, although also quality of work matters.

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