Nordic nature – trends towards 2010

Examples of Nordic contributions towards the international biodiversity target 2010

image of Nordic nature – trends towards 2010

The international target to slow and even halt the decline in biodiversity by the end of 2010 has been included in the Nordic Council of Ministers' Environmental Action Plan for 2009-2012. We already know that this goal will not be reached, in spite of the many actions big and small taken around the Nordic Region to help preserve and protect biodiversity. During the UN International Year of Biodiversity 2010 new goals will be defined and campaigns will be conducted to emphasise the importance of biodiversity to nature and people. The task of conserving biodiversity will also continue after the theme year 2010. The project Nordic nature - trends towards 2010 has presented examples illustrating the threats facing biodiversity together with conservation success stories, and also descriptions of conservation efforts that have not always produced the desired results. These reviews have been published as fact sheets in electronic format on the project's websites in all of the Nordic languages and in English. This publication compiles these published fact sheets, together with a summary of current trends in biodiversity in the Nordic Countries, as part of our region's contribution towards the 2010 biodiversity target and the goal of increasing awareness of the special significance of biodiversity.



Summary: Nature in transition in the Nordic region

Traces of man are visible everywhere in the Nordic Countries, but the scale of our impact on the natural environment has varied greatly over time and from place to place. In addition to physical conditions such as climate, topography and soil fertility, local land use traditions and cultural history have also largely influenced the intensity at which we have exploited natural resources. Some regions' original natural features have vanished completely, but in other areas the more superficial scars left by man have largely healed.

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