Nordic Biosphere Reserves

Experiences and Co-operation

image of Nordic Biosphere Reserves

The UNESCO biosphere reserve concept is recommended as a working tool for sustainable development and the preservation of biodiversity. In this report experience of the concept from six countries in the Nordic and Baltic countries are compiled, describing various aspects of the concept when it is put into practice. The report also includes results from the NordMAB Conference in North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve in October 2004 outlining recommendations for future cooperation.



Status of the Danish MAB Programme and its Greenlandic Biosphere Reserve

Up until today the only activity connected to the MAB programme in Denmark/Greenland has been the Biosphere reserve (BR) in North and East Greenland. This is one of theold BRs established with the aim to promote continuous research and nature conservation. Since this area of Greenland is sparsely inhabited, and has been administered mainly by Danish institutions and the Danish Military, the idea of the biosphere concept has never been fully evoked and has until recently never been a part of the local agenda.


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