National Climate Change Adaptation

Emerging Practices in Monitoring and Evaluation

image of National Climate Change Adaptation

Developing countries are increasingly moving towards more strategic national policies and plans, the effectiveness of which will depend upon proper assessment of a given country’s vulnerability to climate change. This report draws upon emerging monitoring and evaluation practices across developed and developing countries to identify four tools that countries can draw upon in their own assessment frameworks: 1) climate change risk and vulnerability assessments, 2) indicators to monitor progress on adaptation priorities, 3) project and programme evaluations to identify effective adaptation approaches, and 4) national audits and climate expenditure reviews.

The appropriate mix of tools to monitor and evaluate national climate-change adaptation will to a large extent be determined by data availability, monitoring and evaluation capacity, and the ability to bring together the producers and the users of relevant climate information. The report also examines how development co-operation providers can support partner countries in their efforts to monitor and evaluate adaptation.

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Goals and outcomes in Philippines' climate change action plan

The Philippines has developed a National Climate Change Action Plan outlining the country’s agenda for adaptation and mitigation for period 2011-2028. The Action Plan identifies seven priority areas: i) food security, ii) water sufficiency, iii) ecological and environmental stability, iv) human security, v) climate-smart industries and services, vi) sustainable energy, and vii) knowledge and capacity development. For each priority area, a results chain has been developed that outlines the ultimate, intermediate and immediate outcomes as well as activities, outputs and complementary indicators. Although the Action Plan includes long-term objectives, it is specified these are not fixed and can be adjusted if the circumstances change.

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