Mining and Green Growth in the EECCA Region

image of Mining and Green Growth in the EECCA Region

For most countries in the Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) region, mining is an important economic sector that contributes to employment and public revenue. Despite mining’s potential to cause long-term negative environmental impacts, governments in the region have a vital role to play in supporting better environmental performance in the sector and ensuring the industry can be a progressive part of a greener economy. This report examines the environmental impacts of mining in the EECCA and provides policy makers with guidance to reconcile environmental and competitiveness objectives in the mining sector.



Connecting the mining sector to the green economy

This chapter explores different areas where public policy can support better environmental performance in the mining sector and build linkages to the green economy. This includes developing a whole of government approach and engaging a broad range of stakeholders. The chapter discusses regulatory approaches at different stages of the mining process, as well as the challenge of orphaned mines, and the potential to reprocess abandoned mines. It also looks at policies to support innovation and capacity building, as well as developing linkages to the circular economy. It concludes with a series of key recommendations.


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