Measuring Sustainable Production

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Most people support sustainable development without knowing what it is. What exactly are sustainable consumption and sustainable production, and how are these practices identified?  This volume reviews the state-of-the-art in measuring sustainable production processes in industry. It includes metrics developed by business, trade unions, academics, NGOs, and the OECD and IEA. These measurement approaches cover the "triple bottom line" (economic, environmental and social dimensions) of industrial sustainability.

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Measuring Minimal Manufacturing

A great deal of natural resources is used to make products and substantial amounts of materials and energy are wasted at the end of the flow. Looking at market flows, suppliers produce products to meet the specific demands of users. Because the market itself is governed by economic principles, cost and performance are the most crucial factors, with less attention paid to the effects of using resources and wasting materials and energy. The environment or ecological system may collapse if we continue to leave things solely to economic principles.


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