Measuring Sustainable Development

Integrated Economic, Environmental and Social Frameworks

image of Measuring Sustainable Development

The papers in this conference proceedings address the various conceptual, measurement and statistical policy issues that arise when applying accounting frameworks to the concept of sustainable development.



A Few Remarks on Methodological Aspects Related to Sustainable Development

Over the last few years, environmental and economic literature has focused on a) how and at which rate natural renewable and non-renewable resources should be exploited, b) depletion in environmental quality caused by pressures generated by anthropic activities (pollution, waste and undesired residuals), c) sustainable development as a long run concept, which implies combining lasting development with conditions in social and environmental dimensions in line with intergenerational equity. SD is a complex and multi-domain issue, which has to combine efficiency, equity and intergenerational equity on economic, social and environmental ground. SD definitions can be borrowed from current literature and/or political documents. Available concepts and related theories regarding SD can help understand the main ...


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