Measuring green jobs?

An evaluation of definitions and statistics for green activities

image of Measuring green jobs?

The report reviews the different initiatives aiming to measure aspects of “green” sectors, jobs and technologies. The report discusses whether the statistics collected under the present initiatives aimed at measuring these aspects increase insights into the fundamental questions motivating the initiatives. An alternative framework is suggested, as it appears fundamentally impossible to make consistent frameworks for a division of the economy into “green” and “non-green” activities. The analysis has been carried out during the period September 2011 – March 2012 by Vista Analysis AS, Gaia Consulting Oy and University of Aarhus. Gaia Consulting Oy is responsible for the chapters 5.2., 5.3, 6.2, 6.3 and 7.2 only. The project was commissioned by the Working Group on Environment and Economy under the Nordic Council of Ministers.



Evaluation of the statistical frameworks

In this chapter, we aim to analyse whether the proposed statistics in the UN/Eurostat/BLS initiatives provide relevant answers to the intentions behind the statistical initiatives. First, we start out with an attempt to summarize the intentions as expressed in the frameworks discussed above (3.1). Then we summarize main characteristics of the statistics (3.2). Finally, (in 3.3) we discuss whether the statistics (3.2) are suitable to give answers to the stated need for data (3.1).


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