Measuring Green Finance Flows in Kazakhstan

image of Measuring Green Finance Flows in Kazakhstan

Credible statistical information can serve as a powerful tool for the Republic of Kazakhstan to plan for, and monitor progress on, its transition to a green economy. While available data by Kazakhstan's Committee on Statistics already provide some useful information (e.g. investment and operational expenditures as a share of GDP are 0.2% and 0.4% respectively, which remain low), further improvement in coverage, granularity and quality of statistical information can better inform policy-making on green economy transition. This report examines how Kazakhstan’s national statistical system works and how it can be further improved to better measure and understand financial flows that contribute to a green economy transition. The analysis also builds on a range of relevant international and national initiatives on sustainable finance.


Informing further development: International initiatives on measuring financial flows for green economy

This chapter provides a brief overview of selected international standards and guidelines on classifications and taxonomies. These are related to environmental protection, resource management and broader activities for sustainable development. It highlights the work of the Astana International Financial Centre on green finance taxonomy. It also notes work by the OECD on environmental protection expenditure and revenues, including by the Research Collaborative on Tracking Finance for Climate Action. It discusses how such standards and guidelines can inform improvement of the approaches to measuring green finance flows in Kazakhstan. By leveraging them, the country could further strengthen its statistical system and develop a methodology to track green finance regularly.


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