Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

image of Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Sustainable Development

The need to mainstream biodiversity into economic growth and development is being increasingly recognised and is now also firmly embedded in the Sustainable Development Goals. Drawing on experiences and insights from 16 predominantly megadiverse countries, this report examines how biodiversity is being mainstreamed in four key areas: 1) at the national level, including national development plans and other strategies, institutional co-ordination and national budgets; 2) the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors; 3) in development co-operation; and 4) the monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity mainstreaming and how this could be improved.



Monitoring and evaluating biodiversity mainstreaming

Monitoring and evaluation of biodiversity mainstreaming is key for enabling the assessment of progress over time, and can therefore also play a key role in the deriving good practices that can be shared. This chapter provides a conceptual framework for indicator use and a review of existing and emerging indicators relevant for mainstreaming. Using these as a basis, an overview of possible indicators that can be used to monitor and evaluate biodiversity mainstreaming across the range of policy responses is presented.


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