International Best Practices for Identification of Priorities within Chemicals Management Systems

This document captures and examines schemes used internationally for prioritising chemicals for risk assessment and/or risk management, and identifies commonalities, differences, lessons learned and areas for improvement. Based on this analysis it offers guiding principles and best practices to consider within prioritisation schemes. The document examines, for example, how different schemes handle data poor chemicals with the lack of availability of exposure or hazard data being the most common issue encountered during prioritisation. Other important best practices and common areas for development identified include using a common data platform to facilitate data sharing (e.g., IUCLID), increased sharing of results and rationales, collaboration on the development of new approach methodologies and tools/approaches for improving the prioritisation process, including the use of automation to improve efficiencies, and a comparison of international chemical inventories.

19 Dec 2019 48 pages English 9789264430075 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD