Institutionalising Sustainable Development

image of Institutionalising Sustainable Development

Achieving sustainable development depends on good governance practices, particularly the effective implementation of national sustainable development strategies which integrate government decision-making in the economic, environmental and social spheres. This volume contains recommendations for the true “institutionalisation” of sustainable development.  Institutionalisation will embed the concept in government operations for the long-term and will reduce the vulnerability of sustainable development aims to shorter-term political objectives.


Sustainable Development Governance Structures in the European Union

The governance dimension of policies for sustainable development, and sustainable development strategies in particular, has received increasing attention during the past few years. This is probably because sustainable development: a. as a concept, or approach, is both soft and overarching, concerning many policy areas, b. "moves" all levels of policy making (local, regional, national, EU, global); and c. "moving towards a more sustainable development" is a process widely understood as a learning process (political in a narrow sense, societal in a wider sense), which touches upon all governance dimensions of democracies.


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