Institutionalising Sustainable Development

image of Institutionalising Sustainable Development

Achieving sustainable development depends on good governance practices, particularly the effective implementation of national sustainable development strategies which integrate government decision-making in the economic, environmental and social spheres. This volume contains recommendations for the true “institutionalisation” of sustainable development.  Institutionalisation will embed the concept in government operations for the long-term and will reduce the vulnerability of sustainable development aims to shorter-term political objectives.



Monitoring and Reviewing National Sustainable Development Strategies

Various international targets have been set for National Sustainable Development Strategies (NSDS). Agenda 21 first called for all countries to develop an NSDS. Five years later, the 1997 Special Session of the UN General Assembly set a target date of 2002 for formulation and elaboration of NSDS by all countries. The Millennium Development Goals include a target to “integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resources”. The Plan of Implementation agreed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development recommits governments to taking action on NSDS, urging States to “take immediate steps to make progress in the formulation and elaboration of national strategies for sustainable development and begin their implementation by 2005”. Most recently, the renewed EU Sustainable Development Strategy urges that Member States elaborating their first NSDS “should complete these by June 2007” (CEC, 2006).


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