Institutionalising Sustainable Development

image of Institutionalising Sustainable Development

Achieving sustainable development depends on good governance practices, particularly the effective implementation of national sustainable development strategies which integrate government decision-making in the economic, environmental and social spheres. This volume contains recommendations for the true “institutionalisation” of sustainable development.  Institutionalisation will embed the concept in government operations for the long-term and will reduce the vulnerability of sustainable development aims to shorter-term political objectives.



Governance Structures for National Sustainable Development Strategies

This paper studies twenty countries plus the European Union to identify good practice examples of governance structures for national sustainable development strategies (NSDS) and to study their effectiveness. Six aspects of governance were considered including: the nature of strategy co-ordination; placement of overall responsibility for the NSDS; legislative underpinning; integration with existing planning and budgeting processes; stakeholder involvement; and linkages with local sustainable development action. Criteria of effectiveness were identified at the outset based on review of an array of existing NSDS guidelines and recent multi-country studies.


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