Greening state framework contracts - Approaches in the Nordic countries

image of Greening state framework contracts - Approaches in the Nordic countries

The purpose of this study was to clear out how Green Public Procurement has been realized in state framework contracts in the Nordic countries, to propose country-specific ways to improve the situation, and to draw a general model of efficient ways to realize green state framework contracts. The study was carried through in 2014 and 2015 by Bjørn Bauer and Rikke Fischer-Bogason (PlanMiljø, Denmark), Luitzen de Boer and Sig1urd Vildåsen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and Timo Kivistö (Kivistö Consulting, Finland). The study was supervised by the Working Group of Nordic Council of Ministers for Sustainable Consumption and Production (i.e. HKP-group). In addition to this Full Report, the project has also resulted in a short Summary Report and a power point presentation (slides), including the key findings and conclusions.




The Nordic Council of Ministers has long stressed the importance of Green Public Procurement (GPP), and this is seen also in its current Strategy for Sustainable Development and in its Environmental Action Plan 2013–2018. Many Nordic projects have been done about GPP, for example about measuring GPP, common international criteria, and actions needed to mainstream GPP in the Nordic countries. One important finding is that the arrangements for the state framework contracts (SFCs) are different in the Nordic countries and the figure we had about green aspects in SFCs was fragmented. Because SFCs have a central role in public procurement in the Nordic countries this topic quite clearly needed further examination.


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