Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading and Project-based Mechanisms

image of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading and Project-based Mechanisms

The papers in this book cover the experience of developing and transition countries with greenhouse gas emissions trading and project-based mechanisms and examine the use of tradeable permits in policy mixes and harmonisation of emissions trading schemes, as well as transition issues relating to greenhouse gas emissions trading markets.

This book presents a selection of papers presented in Paris, France, in March 2003, at the OECD Global Forum on Sustainable Development: Emissions Trading.  The Forum was co-sponsored by the Concerted Action on Tradeable Emissions Permits (CATEP).



Transition Issues and Areas for Further Work

On Carbon Prices and Volumes in the Evolving ‘Kyoto Market’; Political Economy of Tradeable Permits – Competitiveness, Co-Operation and Market Power; Monitoring, Accounting and Enforcement in Emissions Trading Regimes...


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