Green Growth Indicators 2014

image of Green Growth Indicators 2014

The OECD Green Growth Strategy supports countries in fostering economic growth and development while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which well-being relies. Policies that promote green growth need to be founded on a good understanding of the determinants of green growth and need to be supported with appropriate indicators to monitor progress and gauge results.

This book updates the 2011 Towards Green Growth: Monitoring progress. It presents the OECD framework for monitoring progress towards green growth and a selection of updated indicators that illustrate the progress that OECD countries have made since the 1990s.

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Executive summary

The OECD green growth indicators are organised around four main objectives: establishing a low carbon, resource efficient economy; maintaining the natural asset base; improving people’s quality of life; and implementing appropriate policy measures and realising the economic opportunities that green growth provides. Six headline indicators aim at communicating central elements of green growth in a balanced way: carbon and material productivity, environmentally adjusted multifactor productivity, a natural resource index, changes in land use and cover, and population exposure to air pollution.


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