Globalisation, Transport and the Environment

image of Globalisation, Transport and the Environment

What impact has globalisation had on transport? And what have been the consequences for the environment? This book aims to answer these questions and more. It looks in detail at how globalisation has affected activity levels in maritime shipping, aviation, and road and rail freight, and assesses the impact that changes in activity levels have had on the environment. The book also discusses policy instruments that can be used to address negative environmental impacts, both from an economic perspective and from the point of view of international law.


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Executive Summary

The increased flow of knowledge, resources, goods and services among nations that has occurred as a result of globalisation has led to a major increase over the years in transport activity. This has had an impact on the environment in a number of ways: through increased economic activity in general; through shifts in the location of production activities; and through developments in the volume and type of transportation required to meet demands of global trade. This report reviews the linkages between globalisation, transport and the environment, and identifies the policy challenges and potential solutions to address the environmental consequences that arise.

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