EU REACH Enforcement project

Final report 2008

image of EU REACH Enforcement project

REACH, the new EU Regulation on chemicals, implies a significant restructuring and enlargement in the field of chemicals regulation, and thus also of enforcement. The importance of the Forum for enforcement included in REACH for a good implementation of REACH was early recognised. In 2006 the Nordic Chemicals Group and the Netherlands granted funds to start a joint EU project on enforcement of REACH. The aim of the project was to: - Identify present enforcement and new needs due to REACH - Investigate the state of preparation of the Member States and start preparing for the operative work of the Forum - Elaborate work division, co-operation and information exchange - Prepare a draft proposal for Rules of Procedure for the Forum - Develop a compendium of useful enforcement methods The project has resulted in several independent reports that are included in this final report. A presentation of the results has been given by the project at the 1st meeting of the Forum 11 December 2007.



Minutes from workshop 14-15 December 2006 – Report "Preparing for enforcing REACH"

On June 1st 2007 REACH is expected to come into force. REACH is the Regulation on Registration Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemical Substances and replaces (Parts of) the current directives, like for instance the Dangerous Substances Directive (Directive 67/548/EEC), Dangerous Preparations Directive (Directive 1999/45/EC), the Safety Data Sheet Directive (2001/58/EC) and the Directive on Marketing and Use (76/769EEC).


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