Establishing av Nordic Life Cycle Association - NorLCA

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The project aimed to the establishment and development of a non-profit organization, the Nordic Life Cycle Association, NorLCA, with the goal of supporting sustainable development through the use of life cycle approaches and methodology. NorLCA is a multidisciplinary platform for Life Cycle Thinking and addresses LCA-specialists, business managers, product developers, environmental managers, sales and marketing managers, researchers, teachers, NGOs, authorities, student, and others with an interest in life cycle thinking, eco-design and sustainable development. The main goal of NorLCA is to facilitate and support a broader and increased use of life cycle related concepts. NorLCA focuses on networking activities and dissemination of information and establisingh easily accessible information and knowledge exchange channels between the formal and informal life cycle networks. Further information available on www.norlca.org



NorLCA ahead

The association is still (2008) in its very early childhood. Many activities have already been completed since the foundation in Helsinki in November 2004. One significant milestone has been planning and hosting the first internordic symposium and entering into cooperation with other projects and networks. For the first symposium, both the Swedish FLIPP programme and Öresund Environment network participated in the planning and in organizing the event. Perhaps most important, these coorganizers also disseminated the symposium invitation to their own network and contacts, and in doing so, extended the awareness of life cycle approaches and activities beyond the inner circles of the LCA community and its contacts. This is in fact the very essence of NorLCA, namely to enhance awareness of applying the life cycle approaches to an audience not necessarily very familiar with the LCA disciplines. At the same time NorLCA can facilitate the use of LCA tools at a level which is comfortable to the individual user.


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