Environmental Requirements for Industrial Permitting

Vol 1 - Approaches and Instruments -- Vol 2 - OECD Workshop on the Use of Best Available Technologies and Environmental Quality Objectives, Paris, 9-11 May 1996 -- Vol 3 - Regulatory Approaches in OECD Countries

Environmental permits have played a major role in improving industry's environmental performance across the last few decades. Because they adopt a precautionary approach during the setting of environmental requirements, permitting strategies have also favoured pollution prevention. However, current permitting systems will have to adapt to address growing pressures on the environment. How are OECD countries currently meeting this challenge? What are the main features of the laws, regulations, policies and practices governing the negotiation and delivery of industrial permits in OECD countries?

This publication's three volumes give new insights into these questions. Volume 1 contains a policy study entitled Environmental Requirements for Industrial Permitting: Approaches and Instruments. This report is the first comprehensive review of permitting practices for industry in OECD Member countries. It explores the principles behind environmental permits and identifies major trends in their use. In particular, the report examines how technology-based requirements and environmental quality objectives are used together to develop permit conditions. Results are also presented from four sectoral case studies of the iron and steel, metal finishing, pulp and paper, and oil refining industry .

Volume 2 contains the proceedings of an unprecedented OECD workshop on "Environmental Permitting of Industrial Facilities". This international workshop brought together nearly 100 government experts, regulators, permit writers, industry permit holders and other private sector representatives from OECD Member and Observer countries in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. Considering the wide range of policies, practices and viewpoints discussed, the workshop represented a significant step toward a mutual international understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of current environmental permitting systems.

Volume 3 provides a valuable reference guide on regulatory approaches to environmental permitting in OECD countries. It presents the main features of the laws, regulations, policies and practices governing the negotiation and delivery of industrial permits in eighteen OECD Member countries, the European Union and other international organisations.

16 Mar 1999 484 pages English

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Authors: OECD