Environmental Policy Toolkit for SME Greening in EU Eastern Partnership Countries

image of Environmental Policy Toolkit for SME Greening in EU Eastern Partnership Countries

This toolkit, based on existing good practice, aims to help governments in the EU’s Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) to design and implement key instruments to promote environmental compliance and green business practices among small and medium-sized enterprises. Reducing the environmental impact of SMEs in both manufacturing and services is a key success factor in greening the economy. At the same time, improving environmental performance is a significant business opportunity for SMEs as important suppliers of goods and services. Developed under the EaP GREEN project, this report will be of interest to environmental and economic ministries, as well as business associations and non-governmental and academic institutions in EaP countries.



Financing for greening SMEs

This chapter examines different strategies to support enhancing the availability finance for greening SMEs in EaP countries. It highlights the importance of access to finance as an enabler for SMEs to take advantage of opportunities to improve their environmental performance. Finance is also important for start-ups that are developing or introducing new green technology. The current situation of green finance in EaP countries is explored, as is the role of public financial institutions’ diversity. Green asset-based finance, soft loans, green microfinance, and green bonds are also briefly addressed.


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