Environmental Impacts of International Shipping

The Role of Ports

image of Environmental Impacts of International Shipping

While efficient ports are vital to the economic development of their surrounding areas, the related ship traffic, the handling of the goods in the ports and the hinterland distribution can cause a number of negative environmental impacts.  

This book examines the environmental impacts of international maritime transport, and looks more in detail at the impacts stemming from near-port shipping activities, the handling of the goods in the ports and from the distribution of the goods to the surrounding regions. It focuses on five ports: Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, the United States; Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Port Metro Vancouver, Canada; and Busan, Korea. 

The book provides examples of the environmental problems related to port activities (such as air pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases, water pollution, noise, spread of invasive species, etc.) and highlights a number of different policy instruments that can be used to limit the negative impacts. It is a valuable resource for policy makers and researchers alike. 

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Exhaust Emissions

This chapter discusses exhaust emissions related to port activities – from near-port shipping and from the handling of the goods in the ports. Emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOC) are covered, and – in addition to examples of measures taken elsewhere in the world to limit such emissions – an in-depth discussion of measures to limit such emissions that are applied in the case study ports is provided. These include restrictions on the fuels ships may use, requirements regarding the use of after-treatment technologies, limits on emissions from goods-handling equipment and provision of shore-side electricity. The chapter covers measures applied by the port authorities themselves, and measures taken by national, provisional or local political authorities.

English Also available in: French

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