Enabling Conditions for Bioenergy Finance and Investment in Colombia

image of Enabling Conditions for Bioenergy Finance and Investment in Colombia

To realise Colombia’s clean energy ambitions and enable the necessary mobilisation of finance and investment, the government has set forth a number of important policy strategies, including the 2018 Green Growth Policy, the 2019 National Circular Economy Strategy and the forthcoming 2022 Energy Transition Policy. These high-level policies all note the role clean energy solutions like sustainable bioenergy and waste-to-energy can play in supporting decarbonisation objectives. These solutions can also achieve a number of other socioeconomic ambitions, including improved reliability of energy supply, improved access to affordable and reliable energy in areas that are not connected to the national electricity grid, and reduced amounts of waste going to capacity-limited landfills. This report aims to support Colombia’s renewable energy ambitions, focusing on current clean energy trends, opportunities for bioenergy and measures that can increase finance and investment in those solutions. Through five case studies from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India and Turkey, the report also considers the enabling environment and lessons learnt from bioenergy developments in different countries.

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Insights for enabling greater finance and investment for bioenergy solutions

Policy reforms and market signals have played a critical role in enabling clean energy development in Colombia, such as recent solar and wind additions. Unlocking opportunities for bioenergy requires building upon this progress to target regulatory measures and market incentives that enable finance and investment in these solutions. The government of Colombia can take a number of actions such as establishing clear targets and capacity additions, improving co-ordination across relevant authorities, strengthening guidance and regulations on waste disposal, and ensuring access to the grid for distributed energy solutions. The government can also work with partners to improve awareness and familiarity with bioenergy technologies, whilst also supporting targeted financial schemes to encourage affordable finance and de-risk investment in those projects.

English Also available in: Spanish

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