Detailed Review Paper Appraisal of Test Methods for Sex Hormone Disrupting Chemicals

This document serves  as the basis for the first step in the consideration and development of OECD Test Guidelines for the testing of chemicals for endocrine-disrupting effects. OECD Test Guidelines play a critical role in ensuring that efficient and effective procedures are available to identify chemical hazards. The focus of this paper is on test methods for sex hormone-disrupting chemicals capable of affecting the  reproductive process. Other hormone systems which are also important in the control of reproduction, such as the thyroid and adrenal systems, are not considered. In addition, test methods for the effects of sex hormones on non-reproductive processes such as brain development and behaviour are considered to be beyond the scope of this document. Accordingly, the DRP makes an inventory of existing OECD test methods relevant to the assessment of the effects of sex hormone-disrupters on the reproductive systems of humans and wildlife; describes relevant non-regulatory test methodologies used by the research community; makes a critical assessment of existing test methodologies to detect sex hormone-disrupting chemicals; identifies possible enhancements to existing test methodologies; and identifies both those non-regulatory test methodologies suitable for further development and outstanding research requirements.