Crayfish disease diagnostics

Towards a Nordic standard

image of Crayfish disease diagnostics

Crayfish utilization is a long-standing Scandinavian tradition, which unfortunately has suffered a major drawback with the introduction of crayfish plague disease about a hundred years ago. In spite of intensive research many problems in management and diagnosis of this disease are not yet solved. To evaluate ongoing research and diagnostic methodology in different countries, representatives of diagnostic laboratories involved in crayfish disease diagnostics were invited to a workshop in Kuopio to discuss the problems with crayfish diseases. The workshop was held at the Kuopio unit of the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. Participants from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Latvia were present, as well as the OIE expert from the reference laboratory for crayfish plague. In the programme of the first day the state of crayfish stocks, crayfish diseases and diagnostic methods used in each country were presented and discussed. During the second day diagnostic methods were discussed in detail, as well as research projects concerning crayfish diseases. The workshop has been made possible by way of a grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers.



Crayfish in Finland

Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute runs the "Crayfish Research Program 2005-2012" The program consists of several research and development projects. The aim of the program is to study the biology and ecology of noble (Astacus astacus) and signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) together with the socio-economy of crayfish production. Research-generated knowledge is needed for understanding the influence of the rapid increase in signal crayfish production and for maintaining the noble crayfish stocks. The main outline of the program is to identify the differences in the distribution and habitat requirements of the two crayfish species, and to estimate the crayfish production and catch development and the consequences of the obvious changes.


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