Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Environment

Recent Developments

image of Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Environment

This book presents an in-depth assessment of the most recent conceptual and methodological developments in cost-benefit analysis and the environment. It examines how costs and benefits are evaluated and given monetary value, how to take into account impacts on future generations and impacts of irreversible losses, and how to deal with equity and sustainability issues.

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Stated Preference Approaches II

Choice Modelling

Widely used in the market research and transport literatures, choice modelling (CM) (which is actually a family of survey-based methodologies) has only relatively recently been applied to the environment. A clear strength of CM lays in this ability to value environmental changes which are multidimensional. What this means is that an environmental asset affected by a policy often will give rise to changes in component attributes each of which command distinct valuations.

English Also available in: French

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