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How can we all help shape better policies for better lives? In just 15 minutes, we bring you insightful interviews with OECD and guest experts on such pressing challenges as inequality and inclusive growth, the digital transformation, social change, the environment, international co-operation, and more.

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Cooling the concrete jungle: How can cities beat extreme heat?

Extreme heat is creating major challenges for cities. The urban “heat island” effect traps cities in a bubble of scorching temperatures, which endangers lives and puts pressure on emergency services and infrastructure. Often the poorest neighbourhoods bear the worst consequences of rising heat waves. Andrew Lombardi discusses how heat exacerbates inequalities in cities and breaks down what cities can do to save lives now and enhance heat resilience through better policies and practices.


Keywords: climate change, extreme heat, urban heat, A Better Tomorrow

All podcasts express the opinions of the interview subjects and do not necessarily represent the official views of the OECD and/or OECD Member countries.

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