Conducting Sustainability Assessments

image of Conducting Sustainability Assessments

This volume reviews the state of the art in conducting sustainability assessments, including the range of methodologies and tools available. It describes current practice in OECD countries, as well as the continuing debate on quantifying and comparing diverse types of short- and long-term policy impacts. 



Assessing the Sustainability of Trade Policies and Agreements

Economic globalisation and the liberalisation of international trade have generated widespread concern not only for their economic impacts but also for their potential impacts on the environment and for their social impacts, particularly on the poorest and most vulnerable groups in society. There is a high level of public awareness of the potential impact of trade liberalisation on sustainable development, reflected in such issues as “fair” trade in terms of the distribution of the economic gains from trade; “sustainable” trade in renewable natural resources; and “decent work” standards to protect against the exploitation of labour. Trade negotiators need to give careful consideration to the environmental and social consequences of trade agreements.


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