Clean Energy Finance and Investment Roadmap of India

Opportunities to Unlock Finance and Scale up Capital

image of Clean Energy Finance and Investment Roadmap of India

India has achieved major progress in its energy sector over the last two decades. Still, investment needs to scale up considerably to meet the government’s ambitions to achieve 500 GW of renewable energy capacity and energy-intensity reductions of 45% by 2030. Targeted application of public funds, alongside international climate and development finance, can crowd in investors and channel private capital to meet India’s clean energy goals. The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Roadmap of India highlights key actions needed to accelerate the development of energy efficiency measures in micro, small and medium enterprises, offshore wind and green hydrogen production. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the initiatives to date and challenges to scale up investments. It also provides a number of tailored recommendations for the Government of India, development partners and the private sector.



As the effects of climate change intensify, action to reduce carbon intensity and improve energy efficiency is urgently needed. India, one of the world’s fastest growing economies, is also a major manufacturing economy and endowed with abundant renewable energy potential, thanks to its solar, wind and hydropower resources. Accelerating clean energy development in India would increase access to affordable and reliable energy, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuel imports and strengthening energy security at risk from the current energy crisis.


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