Clean Energy Finance and Investment Policy Review of Viet Nam

image of Clean Energy Finance and Investment Policy Review of Viet Nam

Viet Nam has become a leading regional market for renewable energy in a short space of time led by private sector investment facilitated by favourable support mechanisms. Maintaining market growth sustainably while integrating higher shares of variable generation will be a key challenge for Viet Nam’s policy makers over the next decade as the post-pandemic economic recovery builds momentum. Viet Nam's economy also remains highly energy intensive and energy efficiency improvement has the potential to unlock multiple economic benefits with further market interventions.

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Policy Review of Viet Nam provides a comprehensive overview of the current policy framework, highlighting progress and identifying untapped opportunities for strengthening policy interventions that can help scale up clean energy finance and investment. It also provides a number of tailored recommendations for the Government of Viet Nam and development partners. The Review was undertaken within the OECD Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation (CEFIM) Programme, which supports governments in emerging economies to unlock finance and investment in clean energy.

English Also available in: Vietnamese

Investment promotion and facilitation

This chapter analyses the use of targeted incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy development, and provides insights into good practices in other countries. It highlights key measures implemented by the government to improve the business environment for clean energy projects, as well as areas of untapped opportunity to attract further investment. It also examines the role that public procurement of energy efficiency services and corporate sourcing of renewables can further support clean energy market development.

English Also available in: Vietnamese


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