World Energy Outlook 2018

International Energy Agency

What do today’s energy policies, policy ambitions and technology trends tell us about the future? Is the world getting closer or is it moving away from meeting energy-related sustainable development goals?

Drawing on the latest data on energy markets and technology trends, this year’s World Energy Outlook – the gold standard of long-term energy analysis – provides detailed analyses of these fundamental issues to 2040, covering all fuels, technologies and regions.

Electricity is the special focus of the 2018 edition. The share of electricity in global energy use is growing while the rise of low-carbon technologies is prompting a major transformation in the way electricity is generated. What might tomorrow’s power sector look like? How can it ensure reliable supply while reducing emissions?

WEO-2018 also asks what can be done to reduce the environmental footprint of the world’s oil and gas supply.


13 Nov 2018 661 pages English 9789264306776 (PDF)

Author(s): International Energy Agency