The Nordic Ecodesign Effect Project  

Estimating benefits of Nordic market surveillance of ecodesign and energy labelling

image of The Nordic Ecodesign Effect Project  

The project presents a calculation of the benefits and effects of the current market surveillance of ecodesign and energy labelling in the Nordic countries. The results indicate that market surveillance is cost effective, especially when countries cooperate; market surveillance of 2 million Euro saves about 30 million Euro for the customers. The project is part of Nordsyn under the Nordic Prime Ministers' overall green growth initiative - read more at www.norden.org/greengrowth.



Pilot project results

The estimate for lost savings was as a first approximation set to a simple non-compliance rate (10) multiplied by the estimated savings (400 TWh for EU). Both of these figures are highly uncertain. And the idea of just multiplying the two introduces a new error, since the non-compliance (NC) rate says something about how many, nothing about how much, in terms of how much off the efficiency limit, the non-compliant products are.


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