The History of the International Energy Agency

Volume 4

image of The History of the International Energy Agency

The IEA’s basic institutional arrangements remain essentially as described in Volume I of The History, but this Supplement’s extensive treatment of budget and programme of work issues reflects significant changes in Agency practice, during a period when governments were engrossed in the management and financing of international organisations generally.



Introduction to the Supplement

International Energy Agency

Richard Scott's three-volume work, The History of the International Energy Agency: The First 20 Years, is probably the most comprehensive and best told history to have been written about a modern-day international organisation. The author of this Supplement, having been privileged to serve as Mr. Scott's successor as IEA Legal Counsel, is among the many who have benefited immensely from that invaluable resource. This Supplement does not purport to be a sequel to The History, which eloquently tells the story of the Agency's origins and of its evolution through 1994 (and in some respects beyond then). The Supplement seeks to relate as thoroughly as possible the subsequent events in the Agency's history, but it does so within the framework of Mr. Scott's book, providing the new information in the specific sections of the particular volume of the book to which the subsequent events pertain...


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