Resources to Reserves

Oil and Gas Technologies for the Energy Markets of the Future

International Energy Agency

According to IEA projections, oil demand is expected to grow by more than 50% between 2002 and 2030, while gas demand will almost double. But where will all this oil and gas come from?  There is no shortage of hydrocarbons in the ground, but quenching the world’s thirst for hydrocarbons will require tremendous technological progress to increase recovery in known reservoirs, access new reservoirs in deep offshore or remote regions, and kick start the use of “non-conventional” deposits. Technology will be the key to tapping those more difficult resources at costs that do not impair the world’s economic growth.  Based on extensive inputs from industry experts, this book presents the main challenges and some of the technologies that are being investigated to address them. It also estimates of future costs of producing the various types of resources.