IEA Energy Papers

The International Energy Agency (IEA) advises its 28 member countries on sound energy policy, which seeks to balance energy security, economic growth and environmental concerns. The IEA Energy Papers offer in-depth investigation of energy topics, and explore emerging issues and challenges in the energy sector. These papers will be of much interest to energy experts, policy makers, industry and the general public.


Policy Options for Low‐Carbon Power Generation in China

Designing an Emissions Trading System for China's Electricity Sector

China faces the dynamic of rapid economic development that drives ever increasing energy use, primarily electricity, and consequently increasing CO2 emissions. It has taken a pledge to curb its emissions intensity, and is exploring various policy approaches to fulfil that aim, including emissions trading. This report explores the conditions needed for effective functioning of a CO2 emissions trading system in China’s electricity generation sector. It is based on extensive discussions with power generation stakeholders and observers of the electricity sector in China, as well as quantitative analyses of the impact of a CO2 emissions trading system (ETS) at plant, company and provincial levels.


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