Natural Gas Market Review 2006

Towards a Global Gas Market

International Energy Agency

Natural gas now accounts for almost a quarter of OECD primary energy requirements and is expected to become the second most important fuel in the world in the next decade. This comprehensive review takes an unprecedented look at developments in natural gas to 2010, analysing not only the three IEA regions (Asia Pacific, North America and Europe) but also broader global trends, such as the interaction of pipeline gas with LNG which binds the regions together. The review provides invaluable insights for understanding global supply and demand, recent events affecting gas markets, gas use for power generation, LNG, GTL, investment in the gas sector, gas prices, regulation, and storage. It also includes a special chapter analysing developments in Russia, China, India, Indonesia, and Algeria.

08 Jun 2006 136 pages English 9789264109858 (PDF)

Author(s): International Energy Agency