Energy Technology Transitions for Industry

Strategies for the Next Industrial Revolution

International Energy Agency

Industry accounts for one-third of global energy use and almost 40% of worldwide CO2 emissions.  Achieving substantial emissions reduction in the future will require urgent action from industry.  What are the likely future trends in energy use and CO2 emissions from industry? What impact could the application of best available technologies have on these trends?  Which new technologies are needed if these sectors are to fully play their role in a more secure and sustainable energy future? 

Energy Technology Transitions for Industry addresses these questions through detailed sectoral and regional analyses, building on the insights of crucial IEA findings, such as Energy Technology Perspectives 2008: Scenarios and Strategies to 2050. It contains new indicators and methodologies as well as scenario results for the following sectors: iron and steel, cement, chemicals, pulp and paper and aluminium sectors. The report discusses the prospects for new low-carbon technologies and outlines potential technology transition paths for the most important industrial sectors.