Climate Impacts on South and Southeast Asian Hydropower

Hydropower accounts for 14.5% of total electricity generation in South and Southeast Asia, with a total hydropower installed capacity of 117 GW. The installed hydropower capacity is expected to grow further in order to meet the region’s growing electricity demand and electricity export opportunities, and to maximise the merits of a cost-effective and flexible low-carbon power source. However, climate change poses an increasing challenge to South and Southeast Asian hydropower with rising temperatures, extreme rainfall patterns, melting glaciers, and increasing occurrence of extreme weather events. This report aims to support South and Southeast Asian hydropower in coping with the adverse impacts of climate change and in developing a tailored set of climate resilience measures based on a comprehensive assessment of climate risks and impacts. This report qualitatively assesses climate risks to South and Southeast Asian hydropower and quantitatively examines potential climate impacts, comparing three climate scenarios. Based on the assessment, it identifies measures to enhance climate resilience and provides policy recommendations.

01 Feb 2022 65 pages English 9789264729483 (PDF)

Author(s): International Energy Agency