Workforce Innovation to Foster Positive Learning Environments in Canada

image of Workforce Innovation to Foster Positive Learning Environments in Canada

Canada has introduced a set of programmes to test novel approaches to skills development. This report analyses the potential of these programmes to improve the future-readiness of Canada’s adult learning system. Further, it outlines how these programmes might be expanded to promote optimal skills use and learning within workplaces, through the use of high-performance work practices.


Executive summary

By early 2020, Canada’s unemployment rate had fallen to a record low level thanks to a strong economy. While this report was being finalised, however, Canada and the rest of the world were responding to a global health pandemic, COVID-19. The policy measures taken to contain the virus will have long-lasting impacts on the economy and labour markets. Early Employment Insurance claims data suggest that Canada’s unemployment rate is likely to surge. While the labour market context has changed significantly, the need to learn quickly and adapt has never been greater. Initiatives like Canada’s Future Skills and workforce innovation centers can help to promote new ways of working and learning.

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