OECD Policy Responses on the Impacts of the War in Ukraine

This series compiles data, analysis and policy recommendations on the range of impacts and consequences related to the war in Ukraine, on the economy, refugees/migratory flows, energy, commodities, and more. The series aims to inform and support policy makers in their immediate response to the crisis in the early phases of the conflict, and inform longer-term domestic reconstruction and global-recovery efforts as the situation evolves.

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What we know about the skills and early labour market outcomes of refugees from Ukraine

Even though much uncertainty remains regarding the length of stay of Ukrainian refugees in host countries, continued fighting has dimmed prospects of an early return and the issue of labour market integration is becoming increasingly pertinent. Finding gainful employment commensurate with refugees’ educational and professional qualifications supports new arrivals in becoming self-sufficient and boosts the local economy. It also enables them to use and possibly further enhance their skills, which is crucial for the future recovery of Ukraine. This policy response outlines the existing evidence on the socio-economic profiles and labour market integration of Ukrainian refugees in OECD countries as well as relevant policies to further support labour market integration. Findings suggest that the labour market inclusion of Ukrainian refugees has been faster compared to other refugee groups. That said, much of the early employment uptake by Ukrainian refugees has been concentrated in low-skilled jobs, thus skills mismatches are widespread.

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