Weaving Together Policies for Social Inclusion in Ireland

image of Weaving Together Policies for Social Inclusion in Ireland

Ireland has made considerable progress in rebounding from the crisis, but, like other OECD countries, continues to grapple with how to address lingering socio-economic impacts and ensure inclusive growth growing forward. Multi-faceted interventions, targeting disadvantaged populations and the places they live, can lead to more effective and inclusive policies. Ignoring the relationship between people and place will, in contrast, lead to further entrenched disadvantage. This report looks at some of the ways in which Ireland can build on an already comprehensive series of reforms to better weave together current policies and practices.



Recent policy reforms for improving social inclusion in Ireland

This chapter presents an overview of the main policies and programmes to address poverty and social exclusion in Ireland, along with an institutional chart of the main actors involved at the national, county and local levels in delivering these policies and programmes. There have been fundamental changes in the institutional structure and the policies and programmes to tackle poverty and social exclusion since 2008, with many of these changes still in the process of being implemented.


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